Spencer Contour Anatomic Universal Head Immobiliser

by: Spencer
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Spencer Contour Anatomic Universal Head Immobiliser

The exclusive Spencer Contour head immobiliser has been studied to assure the optimum head immobilisation of traumatised patients. If used in combination with a spine board and a rigid cervical collar, it enables the transportation of a patient in critical condition during long or uncomfortable journeys. A good fixation of the head also gives the rescuers the possibility to take more time to give extra care to the patient in a secure condition for the cervical tract.

The exclusive form of the head immobiliser has been designed by rescue experts and has been tested on the road. This form physiologically supports the brain case, avoiding as much as possible further compression of the cranium and completing the immobilisation of the rachis supplied by the cervical collar. Spencer Contour head immobiliser is composed of two mono blocks, made of a soft plastic material and a base with belts to fix to various kinds of stretchers.

Weight: 1.5 kg