Blueprint for Health Your Heart and Blood Chart

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Blueprint for Health Your Heart and Blood Chart

The Blueprint for Health series of charts illustrated by Kate Sweeney are designed to make human anatomy come alive for kids. Colourful, clear pictures help to explain concepts. Examples and activities make learning and understanding fun and easy.

Your Heart and Blood (from the Blueprint for Health charts series) is an excellent tool for paediatric patient education. Your Heart and Blood describes the circulatory system and challenges the child to "Run a Race with Your Blood" a fun way to illustrate how blood works its way through the body. Using colourful, anatomically correct illustrations, the chart demonstrates and describes the role of the heart, blood cells, and blood vessels, and shows how cuts heal. It includes fun facts ("If all your red blood cells were laid end to end they would stretch more than 2 times around the earth.") and fun things to try in the classroom or at home to show how the circulatory system works.

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