The Skin and Common Disorders Anatomical Chart

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The Skin and Common Disorders Anatomical Chart

Anatomical Chart Company DERMATOLOGY Chart

Redesigned and updated with additional information The Skin and Common Disorders chart describes the structure of the skin and some common skin problemsColorful, user friendly clearly labeled illustrations show:cross section of the skin shows normal anatomy describes the role of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer,detailed cross sections of derivative of skin - hair and nailIncludes non-threatening illustrations and descriptions of types of skin lesions and common skin disorders: fissure, ulcer, cyst, macule, papule, wheal, vesicle, pustule, bulla, and nodule, acne (closed and open comedo), actinic keratosis (solar keratosis), junctional nevus (mole),basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, verruca vulgaris (wart), seborrheic keratosis, dermatofibroma,and urticaria (hives).Made in USAAvailable in the following versions: · 20" x 26" heavy weight paper laminated with grommets at top corners ISBN 9781587796135 · 20" x 26" heavy weight paper ISBN 9781587796128

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