Understanding Glaucoma



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Understanding Glaucoma

Anatomical Chart Company OPHTHALMOLOGY Chart

Help patients understand a leading cause of blindness with this visually updated, full-color paper chart. Large, annotated illustrations and easy-to-read tables and bulleted lists simplify and condense complex material in an accessible manner.Key Chart Features: ·A brief definition of glaucoma is followed by bulleted lists of risk factors and treatment goals. ·Large, clear illustrations depict a sagittal view of the eye, close-up of the optic disc, open angle glaucoma, angle closure glaucoma, narrow angle glaucoma, and plateau iris. ·Clear, succinct charts summarize types of glaucoma and signs/symptoms; staging based on visual field loss; surgical treatment options; and glaucoma medications and how they work. ·Diagnosis/screening section includes an image as seen with peripheral vision loss.Made in the USA. Available in the following versions: ? 20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners ISBN 9781496380142 ? 20" x 26" heavy paper ISBN 9781496380166

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