Spencer Disposable 756 Disposable Head Immobiliser

by: Spencer
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Spencer Disposable 756 Disposable Head Immobiliser

756 head immobiliser has been developed by emergency service professionals and bio engineers to achieve an effective immobilisation of the head. 756 is made of semi-rigid polypropylene and if used in combination with a cervical collar, guarantees total immobilisation of the cervical column during patient transfer or transportation.

Easy to use, it only takes a few seconds to apply. Thanks to its compact shape, 756 can be stored in small spaces, ready for immediate use.


  • Structure made of cell-like polypropylene
  • Expanded polyurethane foam
  • Drastically reduces patient's fear and sense of claustrophobia
  • Light and easy to handle
  • It adapts to any head or neck shape
  • X-ray compatible, it is not necessary to remove it for X-rays and CAT scan investigations
  • One size for adults and children