Spencer Res-Q-Matt Compact Vacuum Mattress with 8 Handles

by: Spencer
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Spencer Res-Q-Matt Compact Vacuum Mattress with 8 Handles

Res-Q-Matt is made up of two parts: the internal part, realised by HFW techniques two robust sheets of PVC with no seams, containing polystyrene spheres; the external part is made of nylon and has eight handles, which allow transportation and also protect from scratching.

The on/off valve made of chromed brass with a built-in fitting for rubber tube is resistant to any temperature and guarantees unlimited duration. The reduced dimensions make it particularly functional for use on stretchers and where there are problems with storage space.


  • The essential geometry reinforces functionality and reduces the space occupied
  • The bag containing polystyrene is made of soft and robust PVC, which models itself accurately to the patient's shape
  • The lining contains the mattress and allows sewing on the handles made of soft 50 mm [1.96 in] tape

Dimensions: 2040 x 800 mm

Functioning temperature: from -10 to +50 C