Spencer Res-Q-Splint Kit 3 Sizes in Bag

by: Spencer
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Spencer Res-Q-Splint Kit 3 Sizes in Bag

The tapered geometry, the strong welding, the wide surfaces for self-adherent strips fixing, the use of Phoretex, the realisation of three chambers and the soft material covered with antiallergic vinyl make these splints a perfect solution for immobilisation and eventually, thanks to the ergonomic shape, also for the cervical rachis.

The colour-coding on the straps on the part close to the patient's limb, will simplify the positioning operation. They are compatible with traction systems and do not have to be removed for X-rays or CAT scan investigations. They are easy to clean.

Kit Inclusions:

  • Splint size S (560 x 460 mm) ([22.04 x 18.11 in])
  • Splint size M (720 x 500 mm) ([28.34 x 19.68 in])
  • Splint size L (900 x 750 mm) ([35.43 x 29.52 in])
  • Manual vacuum pump in aluminium
  • Tear-proof nylon bag with storing compartment for the pump


  • The two splints for the limbs are characterised by the exclusive realisation in separate compartments, this will allow the system to give better results and adds to comfort.
  • The self-adherent strips is placed on the board to avoid contact with the victims clothing and the valve is welded onto the tapered part.
  • Valve made of polycarbonate with strong characteristics for high heat resistance. The new non-returning system reduces the time needed to evacuate the air. The rescuer's action is required only after the immobilising operation is finished, to bring the splint back to standby status.