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Spencer SED XS Kendrick Extrication Device - Paediatric

Spencer SED XS Kendrick Extrication Device - Paediatric


MPNSR00102 B



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Spencer SED XS Kendrick Extrication Device- Paediatric

Spencer Extrication Device is an instrument for extrication and spine immobilisation, ideal for all emergency situations. Particularly suitable for victims blocked in vehicles, collapsed buildings and disaster scenes. It can also be used with pregnant women, children and babies. It is ideal for the immobilisation of the hip and pelvis fractures.

The covering made of robust nylon covered in vinyl limits abrasions and assures total integrity. The vertical rigidity and the horizontal flexibility are the main characteristics of this device, which allows a rapid immobilisation of the spinal column and a secure extrication. The belts and the buckles are coloured for easy recognition. SED is completely X-ray compatible.


  • Colour coded belt system to make the application more intuitive and rapid
  • PVC coating for an easy sanitation
  • The separation of the rigid elements, allows high vertical rigidity and horizontal flexibility
  • Equipped with cushion for the nuchal area


  • Comfortable and robust transport bag
  • Nape and chin strap
  • Cushion to be used as padding for the back of the neck

Length: 690 mm

Width: 640 mm

Maximum thickness: (1) 25 mm

Dimensions wrapped with bag: 730 x 100 x 260 mm

Belts length: 52 +/-2 cm

Materials: PVC, Nylon

Weight without bag: 2,10 kg

Weight with bag: 2,40 kg

Loading capacity: 60 kg


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