Spencer Total Recovery Stretcher with Bag

by: Spencer


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Spencer Total Recovery Stretcher with Bag

Total is the most strongest versatile and compact rescue stretcher on the market. It is made with a particularly robust and durable plastic on which has undergone a special thermal treatment that improves the elastic memory feature. It is revolutionary because it is the only recovery stretcher which can be stored in a backpack when not in use. It guarantees a notable degree of immobilisation, protection and safety for the patient.

It substitutes the traditional rescue or basket stretchers and is guaranteed excellent performance. Used throughout the world, the recovery stretcher Total has undergone rigorous testing in order to meet with even the most exceptional needs. Particularly suitable for rescue situations in cramped environments or in adverse conditions.

The bag is subdivided into three, easily identifiable compartments: one for the stretcher Total, one for the accessories and one to hold the other instruments that are indispensable for a correct immobilisation. It comes complete with a convenient handle for transport and with padded shoulder straps.

The versatility of Total can be seen also in the way in which the patient is placed on the stretcher; either the log roll or slide methods can be used.

Dimensions: 970 x 3 x h 2430 mm

Weight: 6 kg